About Me

Yo! It’s Mit’s

Thanks for taking the time to check out Curvymitzi!!!

I’m just like you trying to look good and still find a way to eat Bacon! lol Seriously, I want to inspire others to love your body curves and all.

I started curvymitzi because over the years I became a fashion, weight-loss/beauty advisor/style/fashion advisor to my friends, (and their friends!) Seriously people would say.. Ask Mitzi about how that.. and I would give out tons of advise, which I love!

I’m  always answering questions about fashion, detox, weight-loss products, and making product recommendations. Well I do have a masters degree in nutrition & completed a dietetic internship so naturally I get tons of questions about that!

So join this thing with me & get inspired to be beautiful just like you are!

Thank you again for visiting and check me out on Instagram @curvymitzi & Pinterest for all the goods!!

Contact me via email at : mitzi_2003@yahoo.com

Xoxo- Mit’s