Curvy Girl Complete Guide on how to Rock Stripes

Curvy Girl Complete Guide on how to Rock Stripes

I share with you how every woman can #slay in stripes! Many people are SCARED to rock stripes because u think u will look bigger..But that’s a total myth! Because of that unfair “unflattering” legend, too many women miss out on wearing this playful print.

So If you know me .. then you know my LOVE for stripes! I will list why you should consider adding them to your wardrobe!

#1 Sliming– Many people are scared to rock stripes because they think that they make you look larger! WRONG. It’s simple and all about how u style it.

I love this striped look I have on because the lines are horizontal, which plays up my hourglass shape.

Just pair with an solid and you are ready! Thats what I did… I paired this pencil skirt with a cute bodysuit from forever XXI.  This bodysuit has the perfect neck detail and look (it’s a vertical stripe) don’t run away from them…yes I have it on backwards 😂.. but hey it looks great.

I know bodysuits can be intimidating but they are slimming & hold you in! (Wink)

#2 Sripes never go out of style
.  When you buy stripes they are always in season both fall and summer. This will save you money because you can rock them all year around. (hallelujah!!)

#3 Layering is your friend. Don’t be afriad to layer with a cute jacket, vest or scarf and/or a necklace. I could’ve easily added a nice jacket to this and it would have been perfect. The key here is if you try a darker color blazer or cardigan this will help minimize the widening effect.

#3 Have a broad shoulder or fuller bust? For women with broad shoulders or a fuller bust wearing striped on the top can make you look like a linebacker. (YIKES) 

We all know it’s true so it is imperative that you have the perfect fit and cut. I typically go with a top that is flowey or cuts by the hips this will help you look thinner.

#4  The size of the stripe matters. Just remember these tips: I went for medium size stripes to help me appear thinner, when buying stick to slim stripes that are less than two inches wide which works for stripes no matter the direction.

#5 Color Matters. Make sure the base of the color is darker than the contrasting color. It’s slimming & will make you appear longer.

Lestly, Who said that you had to wear stripes on your body? You can have fun with stripes by just simply adding it with your basic accessories, like your handbags, jewelry and shoes. Plus who does not have a stripe accessory waiting in your closet it’s a easy way to add a staple piece in your existing wardrobe.

Let me know below if you love stripes below in the comment!

                                Outfit Details

This skirt is brand bar III from Macy’s and is sold out.

Click Below For some similar styles.

Bodysuit is from Forever 21 and on sale for $8.99! Click below for styles!

  Shoes– Vince Camuto (similar here)

Sunnies 😎-  Ray-Ban

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