Holiday Red & Thigh high boots 

I just Love the holiday season & between all the holiday parties, work parties, volunteering, & gift giving December is our wedding anniversity & my husbands birthday! So many reasons to love the holidays & get dressed up!

I was looking for a versisle holiday dress that I could easily wear to all my events. I needed three things : #1 Sexy #2 Comfort #3 Sliming

I found this dress at New York & CO on sale for 34$! It has pockets (Who doesn’t love pockets), very comfy and is Sliming!

I neeed 2 looks to complete my night. The first look is with some thigh high boots & the 2nd is my staple Leopard heels.

Finding thigh high boots can be challenging for us ‘thick thigh’ ladies – so I was recently surprised when I found these wide calf boots at its fashion metro! That’s the joy of that store u Never know what goodies are waiting on you!

To be honest they are too big for me (that’s a first!) I have a on a size 11 wide calf. Plus price was only $20! I’m just happy to have something that fits but Next time I will get the regular calf.

This look was less than $60 bucks! You can’t beat that…. so Let me know what yall are wearing this holiday season!!!

Dress – New York & Company (size med)

Leopard pumps – ASOS

Thigh high boots- itsfasionmetro

5 ways a curvy girl can slay in a bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses can be your friend – don’t be scared!  They shouldn’t leave you feeling self-conscious about your body instead you should embrace your curves. I share with you how you can look confident, flawless, & classy!

#1- Bodycon dresses can be sexy & safe. If you don’t feel comfortable with a skin tight dress I have one tip for you. SIZE UP & get a nice fabric – getting a bodycon dress a little bigger will give you some room but still show off your curves & the perfect fabric will act as built in shapeware. 

#2 -Accentuate your best feature. Depending on the cut & style you can choose which to show off! For example, for my fuller chest girls, you may want to choose a high neckline to keep your cleavage in check. I am still learning to embrace my arms so I love how this dress has detail that helps out my arms!

#3 – Prints/color matter.  Prints are your best friends. In the curvy community some woman are scared of prints because of  problem areas but actually certain prints of the dress can also make your body appear to have an hourglass shape. 

#4 -Do what makes you feel comfortable. You all know I’m not scared of shapeware because they help your posture & boost your confidence. The great thing about a body-con dresses is by nature they are form-fitting and you may not need shapeware.  Choose the right undergarment to help smooth you out if you want.

#5- Add a Layer.  If this outfit makes you feel too self-conscious. You can easily add a layer, I added a Kimono. You can also add a Loose-fitting cardigan, Jacket or tailored blazer can also help balance this sexy look out. Adding a layer can  boost your confidence, & help you look more polished and more office-friendly.

                                   Outfit Details 

This dress is from and it’s only $11.00 . I have attached others u may love also.

Kimono–  Mine was a gift however I have a few similar ones below.

Earrings–  Are from H&M and the black is sold out. I’ve attached a few similar ones. 


Shoes– my shoes are also from I have attached some of my fav’s.

Curvy Girl Complete Guide on how to Rock Stripes

Curvy Girl Complete Guide on how to Rock Stripes

I share with you how every woman can #slay in stripes! Many people are SCARED to rock stripes because u think u will look bigger..But that’s a total myth! Because of that unfair “unflattering” legend, too many women miss out on wearing this playful print.

So If you know me .. then you know my LOVE for stripes! I will list why you should consider adding them to your wardrobe!

#1 Sliming– Many people are scared to rock stripes because they think that they make you look larger! WRONG. It’s simple and all about how u style it.

I love this striped look I have on because the lines are horizontal, which plays up my hourglass shape.

Just pair with an solid and you are ready! Thats what I did… I paired this pencil skirt with a cute bodysuit from forever XXI.  This bodysuit has the perfect neck detail and look (it’s a vertical stripe) don’t run away from them…yes I have it on backwards 😂.. but hey it looks great.

I know bodysuits can be intimidating but they are slimming & hold you in! (Wink)

#2 Sripes never go out of style
.  When you buy stripes they are always in season both fall and summer. This will save you money because you can rock them all year around. (hallelujah!!)

#3 Layering is your friend. Don’t be afriad to layer with a cute jacket, vest or scarf and/or a necklace. I could’ve easily added a nice jacket to this and it would have been perfect. The key here is if you try a darker color blazer or cardigan this will help minimize the widening effect.

#3 Have a broad shoulder or fuller bust? For women with broad shoulders or a fuller bust wearing striped on the top can make you look like a linebacker. (YIKES) 

We all know it’s true so it is imperative that you have the perfect fit and cut. I typically go with a top that is flowey or cuts by the hips this will help you look thinner.

#4  The size of the stripe matters. Just remember these tips: I went for medium size stripes to help me appear thinner, when buying stick to slim stripes that are less than two inches wide which works for stripes no matter the direction.

#5 Color Matters. Make sure the base of the color is darker than the contrasting color. It’s slimming & will make you appear longer.

Lestly, Who said that you had to wear stripes on your body? You can have fun with stripes by just simply adding it with your basic accessories, like your handbags, jewelry and shoes. Plus who does not have a stripe accessory waiting in your closet it’s a easy way to add a staple piece in your existing wardrobe.

Let me know below if you love stripes below in the comment!

                                Outfit Details

This skirt is brand bar III from Macy’s and is sold out.

Click Below For some similar styles.

Bodysuit is from Forever 21 and on sale for $8.99! Click below for styles!

  Shoes– Vince Camuto (similar here)

Sunnies 😎-  Ray-Ban

I love amazon so easy & convenient so I linked products from them. Get started today with amazon prime like me! So additive and first 30 days free! Sign up for free click below!



Flawless curves 


Flawless curves

 Summer time is full of events from day parties, bridal showers, weddings and weekend getaways! But, you still have to find time to be flawless.  I am in love with this orange Pencil Dress from Asos and it is on sale for only $17.50!

Lately, I have found myself invited to so many events that I when I saw this little orange number I instantly knew It would be one of my timeless pieces. The fabric is breathable yet supportive to hold all your curves in.  This Bow Back Bodycon Pencil dress has a close-cut body-conscious fit that is perfect for all events and is slimming!

 This dress can look good on all body types because of the flawless lines. It has a square neckline and a low scoop back! The back can be a little tickly but the bow trim detail is so hot that you must try it.

I paired it with these Missguided Leopard Print Barely there Heeled Sandal also from Asos and guess what they are on sale for only $24.50!  Asos has free shipping and always has a BOMB sale you need to check them out for all your flawless events this summer.

My Size and Fit- I have on a size 12 dress and shoe size 10.

Shop my Look!

orange asosleapord shoeKcolechunky





img_4386img_4385mitzi photos (2 of 31)



Photos by: Carson Knowlton

Cubicle to Cocktail & A night out

blk smile
I have been searching for a #LBD ( Little Black Dress) that I can trasition from my Friday work day and later that night be ready to hit the town!

I wanted to share with you this simple #LBD from Michael Kors that will turn heads both from your professional office space to a cute fun girls night out or date night.

Personally, I always have a blazer & flats at my office so when I have a quick professional meeting I can easily throw on a blazer & when the clock strikes 4:30 PM I’m ready for the next happy hour…okay!

Things I love about this dress? #1 the nice fabric. This fabric is so great because it will hold you in and it is breathable just in case you start dancing the night away!

As accessories I wore some a cute block heel from aldo ( which are conformable), earrings from H&M, some Michael kors rose gold arm candy and sunnies from Jessica Simpson!

That’s all you need to stand out in the crowd.. we don’t have to over do it to look fabulous. These statement earrings from H&M gave me the perfect “cocktail” look for the night!

My sizes- Dress is a size Medium ( has a awesome stretch) and shoes are a comfy size 11.
best image

flower (2)walk thin


black side


Shop my looks Below!

img_4336img_4335jessica simparm candy leapord






Summer ready with these vacy looks ! 🙋🏽😉🎉 I’m loving yellow this summer and here are some of my favs that WONT break the bank! all styles under 100$!

Summer ready with these vacy looks ! 🙋🏽😉🎉 I'm loving yellow this summer and here are some of my favs that WONT break the bank! all styles under 50$!


ASOS overlay maxi dress
$81 –

White v neck top

Stiletto heel sandals
$41 –

Holiday handbag

How a curvy girl can nail wearing a Romper and still look thin.



The basics of buying a Romper or Jumpsuit are simple. I have to admit I have been little hesitant to buy romper because of my curves and this was my first time rocking I and now I’m hooked!  Below I go over the basics of how to rock a romper and look thin doing it!

#1. Buy the Right fit and size

The right fit is essential! Rompers are made to cover and drape the body leaving you feeling sexy! For me I would never find the right fit and this made me not buy jumpers.

Picking a off the shoulder like I did will help you look thinner! When in doubt, size up when sizing. *Pro-Tip– When trying on romper sit down in the dressing room and bend over, nothing is worse than a wedgie! That way you can make sure it fits!

Regardless of the fit go for a V-neck or scoop neckline like I did which will help balance your frame.  The curved or V-neck will add length to your neck. You also want to make sure the fabric remains loose and draped while cinching the waist.

#2. Pick the color carefully

Don’t be afraid of prints or color! But if you are a “romper” first timer. Pick a solid color, the single color will help lengthen the body, and creates a flattering thin profile. I picked white because I knew it would help my silhouette look thinner!

#3. Keep the Accessories simple

Jumpsuits stand out by nature and can be overwhelming one piece. So pairing with minimal accessories – such as simple earrings and shoes is all you need. I avoided chunky necklaces/accessories and went with a simple clean look.

#4 Thin in the waist

The jumper must clinch the waist! Wear a belt to help your shape, This will cinch your waist and enhance your body giving you a hourglass shape for definition. Wear it high slightly above your waist line to bring out those curves!

#5  Shapewear is your friend

You can find the perfect shapewear that can give you a seamless look and will camouflage your tummy strategically or at least take the attention away from it. I like the fully body shapeware or the slimming shorts.

I hope you enjoyed me tips now get your romper on! Let me know what u find !








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Romper-  Find it here : Maurices only $39.00

Handbag: Arcadia

Shape wear: Similar here

Earrings- H&M

Shades- La France Vintage clothing (Tampa FL) – Similar here

Weight Loss Tips for Quick Results!


lol yes that’s me !

Hey guys so I’ve been MIA.. supper busy living my best life! I wanted to let you know what I’ve been doing. I started a new business venture (which I will share soon) 🙂 it has been rewarding and HARD WORK.

I also got married and I have been kickin it with BOO! (All Smiles) I tell you time is flying and that brings me to my topic… WEIGHT GAIN…

Yes, since getting married 12-5-15 I have gained about 30 pounds! which is crazy..but I have traveled.. ate good.. late nights..parties.. and drinking wine. However, with weight gain means depression!! Don’t get me wrong I have great self-esteem and I love myself any SIZE but I suffer like everyone else with weight loss. It can really effect my mood..  SO I am taking charge of my health and my attitude.

So below I invite you to join in my weight loss journey / self love journey! My goal is to drop the next 20 pounds by August! Hope you all will join me.

I will share my top 10 tips for weight loss! I have loss 10 pounds so far and I know these tips will help you 🙂

My Top Tips for weight loss

  • Drink yo water!- That’s right get a gallon jug and get busy. I drink this everyday.. it is the key to weight loss. Your skin will glow and you will feel FULL! I squeeze fresh lemon or lime to help me drink it.
  • Stop Eating out This is how I gained my weight. Eating all the wrong foods- You will save money and you will know exactly how your food was prepared. Now you still can eat clean out (which I do ) but not Everyday!  My Top favorite healthy places to eat out are
  • #1. ZAZA’s– I get the Greek salad- add roasted chicken for protein
  • #2 any steak place- Order Grill chicken or steak (with no butter) add sautéed spinach and broccoli ( no salt added) always double veggies stay away from the carbs.
  • Wake up with your goal in mind. It is mental! You need to have a daily reminder of your goal. My alarm on my phone has a positive message to help motivate me I also have a quote in my bathroom. I have a photo of the beach and a countdown app on my phone ( this has a stop watch). I used this for my wedding it was a cool countdown to help me realize how much longer I have before reach my goal.

Meal Prep: I know you think it is a pain but it is the Key! I go to the grocery store everyweek & pre prep my food. I purchased some great food containers! I love them!  I get them from amazon of course here are the exact ones I order here .  I don’t like my food to touch (lol).

  • This is my typical shopping list:

24 carton eggs, chicken breast, salmon, tuna, cheese, salad, frozen veggies, greek yogurt, bacon, water, salad dressing, pickles, fresh lemons & Limes, Avocado, tomatoes, onion, cucumber and zucchini.

Spices: I love  Mrs. Dash ( no salt seasoning), ground Pepper, garlic (fresh and Powder), Red pepper flakes and onion powder.

shopping cart

Typical Shopping Cart!

  • Check out some of my favorite meals below!
  • zucchini

    Zucchini Pasta

Supplements: I purchase the majority of my items from amazon! So easy to order.

  • I take  VitaYums All natural multivitamin ( I take a gummy) I know lol but the others make me sick! The multivamin is all natural vegertarian and so tasty – good!
  • Krill Oil – I take Krill Oil . Why? This is a MUST for FAT LOSS. You need a Fish oil, if you take Krill oil you will not have any FISHY aftertaste.  Krill oil contains two types of omega 3 acids called EPA and DHA. They help balance cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels in the body.
  • Coq10 Ubiquinone–   I take this to support healthy blood pressure, blood pressure is in my family so I’m always concerned… the truth is when I started taking this regularly my blood pressure really did go down! 
  • BCAA’S amino acids – BCAA powder is a high performance amino acid formula ideal for leg day! This will help you preserve and build lean muscle  which will lead to faster results and better performance! I sip it during my workouts.
  • Drink Black coffee before your workout and you can try Yohimbe supplement which is (natural fat burner ) I have taken fat burners in the past this one is more natural.
  • Workout simple:– If you want results like mine, I would suggest cardio & weight training. I would work out 5-6 days a week for 45-60 mins.
  • I work out smart.. keep your body guessing.
  • Monday – I start with legs (because It is the largest muscle group and I need energy)
  • Tuesday- Arms & interval HITT on tredmill
  • Wednesday- Back & upperbody. Min of 20 mins of interval HITT on treadmill incline 15)
  • Thursday- HITT (circuit training with weights,jump rope, box jumps, jumping jacks ..etc ) then end with interval treadmill incline 15)
  • Friday – Active rest day! No gym
  • Saturday- spin class, walking or anything outside
  • Sunday – Rest day or light like yoga


  • If you are just starting off I would walk! Above may be about much for you.. Just get moving now!. I have my gym clothes in my car ready to go! this is the only way. If I go home after work I will not go.
  • No alcohol– Yep you heard correct. This one is hard for me because I live for a good cocktail & I drink beer.  If you must drink I would do Vodka , Squeeze lime and diet soda. To be honest… I plan on adding this one back in my diet. But in moderation, currently I cant afford for it to ruin my alcohol is NOT good for you.

I sure hope these this info helps you  – They are just  tips to help you. This is what works for me and you should always talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss Journey.

Below is my typical meal plan to lose weight quick

My Low carb day Typical meal plan

Typical Breakfast- 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon and 1/2 avocado

Typical Lunch-  Tuna packet ( plain with water), salad with tomato & cucumber. Or chicken salad

Typical Dinner- 4-5 oz Blacken salmon, Sauté spinach topped with parmesan, fresh tomatoes and cumber salad

Snacks Sugar Free Jello, Green Tea, Beef Jerky, Deli turkey and cheese cubes, bacon, tuna, protein and veggies are FREE Foods!! you also can keep Tuna Packets in your work bag or purse My favorite favor is Starkist Tuna Pouch Sweet & Spicy.

Favorite Low carb Protein Bars that taste great!-  I love Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Bars Chocolate Chip cookie Dough , Quest Protein Bar, and  Atkins Protein Bars.

Protein Drinks: I also have 2-3 Low carb protein drinks each day.  I love Atkins Shakes Café Caramel flavor  and  ProtiDiet high protein Pink Lemonade  because it tastes like Pink Lemonade… yummy who does not love that!

Okay so ….. now this meal plan seems hard but I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks doing this. After 2 weeks  I add fruit & natural peanut butter in my diet but only one serving daily.

Please let me know how your journey goes! Below are some of my struggle pics  lol



Translating trends : Green blazer & Stripes 

Translating trends that every #inbetweenie can enjoy!

I personally believe you shouldn’t be scared of a fresh pop of color!  Here are some tips for staying work-appropriate and on-trend & a day to night  look!

Looking to translation to work or more professional setting? Simply add the blazer and it is conservative but very fashionable!

Without the jacket this look is perfect for date night or a night out with the girls.

Now I’m in love with these shoes! These shoes also give you a fun look while still looking very professional, fun and spicy!  They easily can make a simple outfit give you that edge that you need!


Green blazer -Premise

Necklace- H&M

Shirt-Bar III (Macys)

Skirt- Vince Camuto

Shoe- Shoe Republic LA Grammy Fringe D’orsay Pumps


Sleek, sexy, sophisticated & slimming Dress

I just love this dress from Zara!! The material provides the perfect stretch.

What I love is that the material holds you in! Sometimes when you buy dresses the material is flimsy and dosnt provide much support.

However zara never let’s you down. This material actually holds your problem areas in and even helps gives you a lift! Try this dress if you are wanting something sleek, sexy & sophisticated!

   Dress- zara


Accessories-The limited